How to take a 23-year-old business online with a new name and brand identity – and increase sales by 200%

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The challenge

Regal Disposables started trading over 23 years ago. In 2016, company director, Dan, approached us to ask about developing an eCommerce site to start selling Regal Disposables’ products online.

How we worked

Each project we begin starts with a conversation, so we asked Dan what the company wanted to achieve through its online sales.

When we started working with Regal Disposables, the company’s name was Regal Polythene. Its brand image was very dated, tired in appearance and, vitally, didn’t show the full range of what the company did.

As part of our scoping project, we suggested to Dan and the team that they undertake a company rebranding project – before commissioning their new website.

Regal disposables crest and brochure

Regal Polythene had already branched out into various forms of non-polythene disposable items, so we recommend a name change to Regal Disposables – alongside a visual rebrand. This was quite the leap of faith for a company that wasn't traditionally brand-image focused.

At the time, the company was moving into larger premises, and they took the opportunity to refresh their logo, website and the signage and artwork for the new building.

We developed a small brochure to introduce Regal Disposables’ new brand and explaining the shift in a simple and positive way. Then we sent the brochure to all the company’s current customers.

The new look and name were well received and resulted in a range of positive customer feedback, which gave the Regal team confidence in our abilities to further transform their business.

Regal disposables products

Saving time – and reducing stress – with clear branding

Regal Disposables has a vast product range. When we started to work with the company, the use of brown boxed packaging with black print meant that warehouse staff were spending a lot of time trying to locate where to store products. And where to find items when orders needed to be fulfilled.

To help the warehouse staff – and to help clarify the company's different product ranges – we introduced a range of sub-brands, changing the layout on both the inner and outer boxes.

The Safe Range now includes rebranded items, including SafeTouch (gloves), SafeWaste (sacks and bin liners etc.), and SafeWear (PPE). We also redesigned the packaging for the company’s Home Line product range.

This rebranding exercise has added value to Regal Disposables' products. The different product ranges are now more distinct and so are more appealing to customers – and the design touches make warehouse management more efficient.

“Adding panels of colour to the product range packaging has helped warehouse operatives to know which items are inside which boxes. This simple design touch has also helped to inform the layout of the warehouse – and now saves warehouse operatives’ time and stress in navigating Regal Disposables’ vast product range.”

Martin Taylor, Creative Partner - true9

Through our rebranding and sub-branding exercises, we have also updated the company’s product naming convention, which has further helped with the company’s internal operations.

Taking Regal Disposables online

To meet the company director’s need for an eCommerce site, we put together a two-phase process.

  • Develop and launch a new, non-eCommerce website for the business
  • Develop and launch an eCommerce extension

The second phase was to be a much larger and fully product-led project.

Phase one is now complete, and Regal Disposables now has a website and a PDF brochure that lists each of the company’s products.

Thanks to their club9 support plan, we're working with the Regal Disposables team to update their website with regular news items. We also issue customer emails with news and product-related stories.

Regal disposables website

“With regard to the web work, I LOVE IT. Absolutely love it. Everyone in the office is made up with how it looks too. With true9, we’re able to have exactly what we want done, and still get ongoing support with so many other things we’re proactively doing to better our company. We definitely made the right decision by choosing to work with true9, and we are really happy with the result.”

Dan Crampton,Director – Regal Disposables

Looking to the future

Design and brand

  • We have developed visual artwork of items across Regal Disposables’ product range to make their offering more visually appealing and robust. These new visuals will be used in the product brochure and on the company website.


  • Day-to-day operations at Regal Disposables staff are hectic as the sales team deals with multiple orders over the phone. To support the team, we plan to create a centralised ordering system. This will reinforce the company's new business structure, reduce human repetition and remove the risk of human error.


  • The next stage of our project with Regal Disposables will be their product-led eCommerce website.


Our project with Regal provided:

  • Branding to update the company’s name and visual identity
  • Website creation to list all product ranges online
  • Graphic design and sub-branding to improve internal operations
  • Regular website and graphic design support through club9

Regal Disposable's new brand name outlines everything the company makes today – rather than the polythenes it used to produce. Existing and new customers can see the full product range with ease and, as a result, sales and turnover have increased at speed. The company's monthly sales are now double its previous annual turnover.

By branding and sub-branding the company's products, we have refined the company's internal operations, which has meant the business has been able to cope with this increased demand.

"We understand how busy Dan and the team are and, for this reason, we take a more relaxed pace with them. We use their club9 support plan to help them work at their own pace and only push them to make updates and changes when they're really needed. The team appreciates this approach, which just helps to make our relationship stronger."

Chris Richardson Managing Partner - true9
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