Our people-focused approach to product development.

There’s a reason our clients tend to stick around.
We keep things simple.
And focus on people over processes.

Regular down to earth conversations with thoughtful, considerate and extremely talented people.

Our teams don’t complicate, confuse or use technical jargon. They focus on working together to consistently deliver value.

  1. Our three project phases: discover, deliver and support.

    1. Discover

    You know the challenges your business is facing. And by asking the right people, the right questions we can quickly design the right solution.

    By engaging in collaborative workshops, tailored to you, your business and your challenge, we get to the heart of the problem fast.

    During a true9 Discovery Project, we gather just the right amount of information to get us started. Allowing us to quickly research, validate and design the perfect digital product or service for you.

  2. 2. Deliver

    No matter the size or complexity of your build, we take the same approach. We bring together a blended team of talented people, with time dedicated to you and your project. And instead of delivering one complete project after months - or years - of silence, the team will work incrementally, rapidly releasing as they go.

    Breaking up a project into manageable pieces allows us to deliver usable parts of a product in priority order. And working in this agile way means the value from your project can be released quicker.

  3. 3. Support & Maintain

    Set and forget is a thing of the past. Digital products need regular care and attention. And at true9, the same team that built your product will maintain and support it.

    Alert and monitoring systems will be put in place, tracking performance, reliability and scalability. Support, incidence management and key security updates are all taken care of.

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