How to eradicate dated manual processes, data repetition and data error.

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The challenge

After working on a new website with the Nilorn UK team, they asked us to help solve several internal challenges..

The Nilorn team were working through dated manual processes, which were resulting in data repetition and data error.

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How we worked

Each project we begin starts with a conversation. Working closely with the Nilorn UK team on a short scoping project, we identified key areas where improvements in efficiency could be made.

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To help the team to see how a web-based Nilorn UK Portal would solve their challenges, we developed high-fidelity prototypes.

Nilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframeNilorn website wireframe

The hand-crafted Nilorn UK Portal is accessible, fast and secure.

    Its features includes:

  1. Time-tracking
  2. Annual financial submission
  3. Approval tracking
  4. Authentication and administrative features
  5. Centralised client data storage
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Our project with Nilorn provided:

  • system creation

Overall, the Nilorn UK Portal has:

  • increased internal efficiency
  • reduced redundant data entry
  • planted the seed for future digital products

Since working with Nilorn UK, we're delighted to learn that their Swedish parent company has adopted a similar approach. The company is now rolling out digital products to all offices worldwide.

“Working with multiple clients across a wide range of markets, I can always rest assured that the highly knowledgeable and skilled team at true9 understand my requirements. And they will deliver a service that is not only on time but is above and beyond my expectations.”

Chris Nicholl,Design Consultant
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