How to take a business struggling with unprecedented growth – to processing over £220 million annual spend.

Loyalty Works - 4Sight mobile dashboardLoyalty Works - 4Sight dashboard

To date, true9’s 4sight platform for Loyalty Works has been pivotal in:

  • powering 23 fully-functional white-label websites
  • facilitating nearly £3 million in rewards
  • being home to more than 54,000 customers
  • processing over £220 million of annual spend

The challenge

When we first started working with Sharon and the Loyalty Works team, the business was struggling with a range of challenges – and experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.

At an operations level – and as a result of fractured systems, time-intensive manual processes, and a lack of technical direction – Loyalty Works was working at 130% over-capacity.

In addition, data repetition and errors were commonplace in the business, and every time they onboarded a new client, they were incurring significant recruitment and agency costs.

Chris and Martin

How we worked

Each project we begin starts with a conversation, so we began by holding a series of meetings with Sharon and the team.

Here, we asked thought-provoking questions to take them back to the start of the business and to help us understand:

  1. The problems Loyalty Works were facing
  2. The effect these problems were having on the business
  3. How we best might work to resolve them

To increase Loyalty Works’ operational capacity, we needed to increase their productivity.

During our scoping project, we identified that the business needed:

  • A single, secure and centralised location for all data to eliminate data repetition and reduce data redundancy
  • Access to faster and more accurate reporting
  • The ability for the Loyalty Works team to produce custom-branded scheme websites themselves - without exorbitant agency fees

We developed a high-fidelity prototype of what would become ‘4sight’, a bespoke, scalable, white-label loyalty management platform.

“true9 don’t just take a brief and do what you tell them – they want to know what’s happening and why. They’re superb and wonderful people who I thoroughly enjoy working with.”

Sharon Sloan,Operations Director – Loyalty Works
Website wireframeWebsite wireframeWebsite wireframeWebsite wireframeWebsite wireframeWebsite wireframeWebsite wireframe

We handcrafted the 4sight platform from start to finish to include all the features that Loyalty Words needed to expand their operational capacity and increase their productivity.

Loyalty Work’s 4sight platform connects to many third-party systems and has been independently security tested.

    Its features includes:

  1. a full auditing suite
  2. a one-click website builder
  3. an advanced theming system with tag support
  4. intelligent search
  5. visual reporting
  6. live dashboards
  7. “magic link” capabilities
  8. an email & SMS notifications system
  9. import and export facilities.
  10. a fully functional content management system

The Loyalty Works team now use the 4sight platform to handle all their customer, redemption, invoice and financial information.

Circuit websites screenshot

“4sight has fast become the lifeblood of Loyalty Works and has transformed the way in which they do business. At last count, Loyalty Works’ operational capacity had been increased by as much as 100%.”

Chris Richardson, Managing Partner - true9

Looking to the future

Loyalty Works continue to work with true9, and Sharon and the team enjoy the highest levels of customer service and support with a club9 support plan.

We’ve recently agreed on a new long-term monthly support contract and development roadmap with the Loyalty Works team. And new features, including a fully functional API and a progressive web application (PWA), are already in production.”

Martin Taylor, Creative Partner – true9


true9 is proud to have supported Loyalty Works on their journey, and we’re looking forward to working with them in the future.

Our project with Loyalty Works provided:

  • Consultancy
  • System Creation
  • club9 Support
  • Development Contract

“Chris and Martin have become an extension of our business. They’re perfectionists – and take everything very personally. They take every piece of work they do and treat it as if it was for their own business, making sure it’s completely and utterly looked after from start to finish. I have 100% confidence in them.”

Sharon Sloan, Operations Director – Loyalty Works
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