club9 is our flexible support plan for busy businesses.

It's a simple, cost-effective monthly plan that allows you to take advantage of our full range of services, whenever you need them.

“true9 provide fair prices for their ongoing support. We were able to get done exactly what we wanted, and club9 gives us ongoing support with so many other things we’re proactively doing to better our company.”

Dan CramptonDirector - Regal Disposables

What are the benefits of club9?

Priority boarding

As a club9 customer, you’re our top priority. This means you go straight to the front of the line with email, telephone and ticket-based support.

When you join club9, we’ll put a service level agreement in place, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that your requests will be dealt with fast and efficiently.

Rollover hours means ongoing support

Unlike traditional support contracts, the hours on a club9 plan can rollover each and every month. So, if you don’t need us one month, you can use those hours the next. Your hours only expire if your plan ends.

Need development support?

We’ll help with your website and software updates, backlog clearing, routine maintenance, DevOps, and new feature development.

Need design items?

Our in-house designers will help you with digital brand management and the creation of offline and online marketing items.

Need consultancy support?

We offer expert productivity and system advice, help with the creation of development roadmaps, and hands-on support to deliver complex web projects.

“club9 is a massive help because it forces you to stay on top of your site – Chris is great at coming back to ask what’s needed each month, so updates get done, saving everyone’s time.”

Laura Marsden, Brand Manager – Calderdale

Online peace of mind

club9’s periodic online health checks ensure that your website continues to run smoothly and prevents little problems from growing into big ones.

All club9 plans include website uptime and performance monitoring as standard. If our systems spot a problem, we’ll let you know and offer advice on how to solve it.

Pricing and flexibility

club9 is about being agile, transparent and fair – with no minimum pricing, no need for lengthy quotes and no unnecessary briefing meetings. We log our time in 15-minute increments, so even the smallest of jobs can be done with ease.

With priority access to the true9 team, club9 gives you the peace of mind that any problems will be solved – fast. Just fire things over to us, and we’ll sort them out for you.

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