Each true9 project follows a simple three-step process: chat, learn, and create.

  1. 1. Let's chat

    When it comes to digital products and businesses,
    There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all.
    So, everything we do starts with a conversation.

    We’ll chat to you - and your team.
    And ask how your business is working today.
    What’s happening for you?
    What problems and challenges are you facing -
    And what impact are they having?

    “Efficiency is about doing more with less. Productivity? That’s about doing more with what you’ve got. And that’s where we can help.”

    Chris Richardson Managing Partner - true9
  2. 2. We learn

    Once we’ve got a basic understanding of what’s going on,
    We’ll get started on a scoping project.

    Your scoping project reveals in detail - and in Plain English - where your challenges lie.

    And what it would take to solve them, in terms of time and investment.

    This is a vital stage as it helps us understand how your business works - from the inside.

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    Getting inside your business with a true9 scoping project

    At the start of your scoping project, we’ll talk to your team to find out what’s going on for them.

    So we can understand their workflows and processes and learn about your products, services - and customers.

    Then we’ll produce a high-fidelity prototype or ‘living wireframe’. A digital sketch of the product we’re going to create for you - be it a website, platform or portal.

    You can bring your prototype up on screen and explore it at your own pace and in detail.

    Finding out how it works - and how each feature of the finished designed product will solve the challenges you face.

    Getting things moving

    It’s important to us that we start to solve your challenge sooner rather than later.

    So, we’ll often recommend either a minimum viable product - or a phased approach - to get things moving quickly.

    At the end of your scoping project, we’ll give you:

    • A detailed proposal – bespoke to your business and developed to meet your actual needs
    • A high-fidelity prototype of the digital products we’d create for you – with all the technical information you need
    • Details of our recommended minimum viable product or phase one
    • An accurate and fixed price

    When we present our findings, you’ll get a clear proposal which will have:

    • An easy-to-understand explanation of how we’ll solve the challenge you face.
    • The information you need to make the right decision for your business.
    • A clear schedule for completion – from start, to launch.
  3. System settings visual
  4. 3. Let's create

    When it comes to complex digital projects,
    Clear communication is key to success.

    So when we work with you,
    We’ll establish clear lines of communication
    Between your team and ours, right from the start.

    And we’ll break down each technical stage of your build
    Into a manageable chunk -
    Giving you clear feedback points throughout.

    Scalable products, built to last

    Quality is at the heart of everything we do.
    Upon completion of each phase, we’ll gather real user feedback
    And make any necessary adjustments.

    Giving you a brand-led product that’s fully scalable
    And built to stand the test of time.

    “We’re happy to be continuing to work on other projects with you because of your attention to detail and professional attitude.”

    Dan Crampton, Director – Regal Disposables
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